Fake Tech support scam

Anonymous | 18 Mar 2022

Software Update Scam Impersonation Scam

A hacking alert message with voice appeared when I switched on my laptop on 16/03/2022 around evening. Voice message said my laptop had been hacked and stop functioning and required technician to repair the laptop. They requested that I called this contact given from microsoft support centre Singapore for immediate repair. So I called this contact and a man (Indian accent ) received and ask my phone number for technician to return call and hang up. Less than a minute a lady ( indian accent ) called and instructed me to download Team Viewer app for her to control my laptop remotely. He explained how I got the trojan virus and the location which need repair and after repairing (as she claimed) she said that i required to download 4 x firewall programme for banking, mobile, credit card and online purchase. I agreed and she request that i login in to my internet banking so she could copy the address/url address. That is time i realised that i might be scam so i faked stomach ache to go to toilet. I notified DBS immediately to delete internet banking account and all credit cards. After confirming all account/cards deleted i re-engaged the scammer and was instructed again to login into my internet banking (she can see what i'm doing ) which I can't log into. She requested for my credit card and cvv no and after she requested me to gave her a active credit card no and i told her that all my credit cards and internet banking had been deleted. She asked me why I deleted all these, which i explained that you might be a scammer. She told me that she will called later and hanged up. I cannot close my laptop from power off switch, I closed my laptop from main power line and open again after 1 hour later and laptop working normal again.

Editor’s Note: We do not encourage members of the public to engage with scammers when you realise who they are interacting with. Please end the conversations or interactions immediately. Engaging with scammers further may put you at risk of getting scammed.