I lost over $13k to a job scam

Anonymous | 18 May 2022

Job Scam
A headhunter from BGC job agency messaged me via telegram about this job. Later on a guy whatsapp me saying he is an agent working for Visenze. He told me I need to complete 40 data set to earn commission. During the process, system will prompt me to paynow a certain amount to an individual. He assured me that this only happen from 0 to 4 times within the 40 data set and this "deposit" and the commission will be returned to me after completion. I managed to complete 1 set and gotten back my money. However, during my second set, the deposit amount grew larger. I transferred 13k plus to 2 individuals.
Hopefully I can get back all my money. Never did I realise that the last few clicks, the system requested for another 29k, I felt something is not right. That was the time I stopped the process and immediately filed police report. A few days later, the so call custom service whatsapp me to complete the data set and also demanded me to complete 40 data set every 2 hours.