New friend whom I met online turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 18 Oct 2022

Internet Love Scam Investment Scam
Met this person on the bumble app and he was a verified profile.

We chatted on Telegram for a while. we even spoke over the phone through telegram call. He spoke about how he was cheated by his ex 4 years ago, how he has been working very hard and how he has become successful with the help of his CEO through some private investment invitation. He also gave some back story of meeting scammers on the dating apps.

One day, he said he had to go KL for a month as the business manager there was on leave. 2 weeks later, he says he got the invitation code from his boss and got upset when I declined to participate. I was pressured to participate and did as he said.

He gave me a link to the website and personal information had to be keyed in. he also persuaded me to try the investment and guaranteed that I would get my money back. I really did get my money and profits back. He asked about the next investment which I did not participate.

I was lucky not to have suffered any monetary loss but I did lose my personal information. now I have to constantly be aware of my bank transactions. I have made a police report on this.