Online friend turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 18 Sep 2021

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Got to know this girl on FB. It started out normal but eventually went over to WhatsApp. It was well over the first 3 weeks that she started asking about financial and savings. She asked me to do crypto trading and asked me to download an app, I was asked to put in close to 6000 worth of SGD in order to win.

I did had my reservations so I lied about only having about 2000SGD due to the pandemic eating up into my savings. she also mentioned that she would guide me through and make sure i do earn every time. the initial transaction on it was sketchy, it requires one to send ibanking transfer to a OCBC/UOB Bank account. after a week of fiddling with her I realize that the earnings looked sort of premeditated. it's always around the same benchmark. managed to retrieve once when i asked her to show me how money is retrieved to reduce my loss. however, it's still a total loss of about 1800SGD. when I gave her the final straw and mention that I really wasn't able to get extra funds, she turned cold and made almost every topic related to such investments.