Scammers tried to trick me into taking up a job to 'review' airlines

Anonymous | 18 Sep 2022

Job Scam

How it started: a stranger messaged me on telegram if i was looking for a part time job. Scammers offered me a job that required me to review airlines to make money. They first offered a free trial (to gain my trust i would imagine) and had me rate some airlines. It sounded like an easy job and I got some money from scammers, which was a trick to make the job looked legitimate. 

I have pasted their explanation below.

Hi James! Nice to hear from you. Let me briefly introduce you the job.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask right away. :)

Aeroclass, is an online airline ticket rating system that does not require you to book a ticket. Its purpose is to help airline ratings contribute to the size of airline turnover and competitive strength in the market our job is mainly to help promote and advertise major airline reviews, we just need to create data on the online airline rating system to help increase the visibility and turnover of airlines.

They have a business account on whatsapp with the phone number 8925 7129.

Their website is (do not fall for it pls). Please contact me if there are any questions