I was offered a job on WA

Anonymous | 18 Sep 2022

Job Scam

I was approached via whatapp on this job by ‘Sophia’. After that, I was asked to add receptionist name Nana on Telegram and she added us to a work group. The photo of the receptionist looked shady. Was completing missions and I received money but things kind of goes wrong. They talked about cryptocurrencies with different tiers of cashbacks in the workgroup. They expect people to transfer them money. Decided to leave the group, block them and make police report.

Hi, I'm Sophia chien, head of recruitment at ‘Ateam studios ltd’. Are you still looking for a job?

This job is done from home, mainly promoting social celebrities while we get paid for them, and you can also develop your own team to join us, and your own team will need to be managed by you. Average monthly income 5000-8000sgd.

We are a self-publishing company, of course, you need to understand to the content of this work, in the middle may require you to study 1-3 days

Full-time work your income will be higher, part-time work income is relatively low

Test 2:
To open the telegram and add our receptionist @nana198903 please send my name Amanda recommend me here.

After you have done so, sent me a screenshot.


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