Beware of friends you meet online

Anonymous | 18 Sep 2023

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A lady using the alias D DI SUUNY added me as a friend on Facebook, claiming to have discovered my profile. She appeared young and featured attractive photos. Intrigued, I engaged in a conversation with her, and she also added me on WhatsApp using the phone number: +6581923761. She stated that she was Malaysian, hailing from Kuala Lumpur, but her proficiency in English was limited, while she exhibited remarkable fluency in Mandarin.

Day 1: She initiated frequent conversations with me to establish trust, sharing personal life stories and revealing that she held two jobs in Singapore - one full-time and another part-time. The part-time job supposedly involved listing products online for Cartier. This immediately raised suspicion. She also spoke about her involvement in volunteerism and charity work.

Day 2: She expressed a desire to meet up, but I was unavailable.

Day 3: During our conversation, I noticed that she used distinct mainland Chinese terms like 'kong tiao' (air conditioning) instead of the local term 'leng qi' (air conditioning). She then requested my assistance with her part-time work, asking me to send a message to a phone number she provided, labeled as, and follow its instructions. This immediately raised my suspicions.

To ensure my safety, I conducted a Google search for 'Cartier scam Singapore' and found a similar story on a website. Fortunately, I didn't suffer any losses. I promptly reported the incident.

Please refer to the scammer's profile that I have shared and the 'Cartier' contact for further details.

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