Spike in the number of DHL Impersonation phone calls!

Anonymous | 19 Aug 2019

Impersonation Scam
I received a call (87989281) from a Chinese speaking male claiming that he is from DHL ("DHL 国际快递, 员工号 1233 姓 Chen 名 Yue" ). He mentioned that i have SENT a parcel of 8 fake passport overseas and that I need to make a report to the china police. He linked me up to THe china police number and i made a report. He told me that since its a phone call, he would need to let me verify the legitimacy of his police post through online search "Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Chayang BRANCH", in CHINESE (北京市公安局 朝阳分局). I did THAT, and saw in one of their REVIEWS that it was a SCAM.

After that he WENT on to prove his identity as a police officer by sending me his police iD. Knowing that the review could be true, I search the net and (to my horror) found similar cases of impersonation SCAMS . After which, I ended the call (with him asking me to go over china to look for him in person if I was so unsure who to TRUST). It was in total an hour worth of call.

He tried to ask me how much I am earning indirectly and sounded less keen after knowing that I do not earn that MUCH. Don't be fooled by them