I lost over $2k to a Loan scam

Anonymous | 19 Aug 2022

Loan Scam
I saw ads on Facebook on money loan with low interest rate, I clicked on the link to indicate my interests to take up a loan.

On 28 Jul, a man named Jack called me and asked me what's the loan for, and told me he was from "credit 89" and he told me my approved amount is $30k, but he need to do a test payment. He transferred $1k to my bank and required me to return $250 x 5 plus an additional $1.3k to clear. I paid the $250 x 5, and eventually paid $1.3k on 17th aug. Upon transferred the $1.3k, he told me this amount did not go to him as the underground finance cannot pay him because i did not write his code JACK8888 on the comment. He told me to transfer again before he can disburse the $30k to me. I was worried i cannot get my loan thus I transferred $1.3k again. He then turned aggressive and scolded me why I put at ref and did not save the recipient name as JACK8888, I stopped transferring any more money and blocked his contact. Police has been made by both me and my company.

Investigations are going on..