I lost over $33k to a loan scam

Anonymous | 19 Dec 2021

Loan Scam
I was in need of money due to tightening financial burden in the family due to retrenchnent in the family. I came across this moneylender who called themselves "Lending bee" via the Internet. So, I approached them whether UNEMPLOYEd people can apply for loan. They said YES. So I send my relevant documents over. after sending my personal details ANs relevant DOCUMENTS, they send me An contract to SIGn. Yes I did. Then a lady named Olivia lim approach me, call me to tell me to pay processing fees of $2380, lawyers FEEs, admin fees, red charge fees, round out fees all added up to $33,500. Then there 's STEVEn (ACCOUNTING) guy say I just need to pay 4.5K I can get all my money back. After TRANSFERRIng so much money, I feel that everything was scam. Cos licensed moneylenders never ask you to transfer money first. I approached another moneylender, and they told that this is all a scam! So, I reported the matter to the police. Whether or not I get my money back, I take it as lesson learnt. All my hard-earned money are gone in a flash.