Beware when purchasing things from unknown sites

Anonymous | 19 Jan 2019

Online Purchase Scam
I would like to share and report a scam online retail shop for fraudulent practices.
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Sequence of event
1) 29 Dec 2018. I made purchase of a samsonite bag on the website. This website is from US but package was sent out from China. Obviously, they operate in China which is evident also from massively ungrammatical emails sent.
2) 16 Jan 2019. A package from the company arrived at my address. The package contained two pairs of fake imitation Rayban sunglasses instead of my samsonite bag order. The condition of the glasses is massively used with scratches and a huge scarp on one of the glasses. I emailed the company on the same day to enquire about the wrong delivery. On the same day, the company returned an email claiming that they had diligently checked the package and it was the fault of the express company (courier) in mixing up the order. This is not possible as the package was in its primary packaging 2 fake Rayban boxes without further external packaging). Which goes to say that when the package was in its original packaging when the company passed the parcel to their courier. Hence, it is not possible to be the mistake of your courier. Furthermore, as indicated on the package labelling, it clearly states that it is a handbag 手提包,which goes to say that person packing would have known the contents when he packed it.

3) 17 Jan 2019. The company emailed me again further expressing the fault of the express company offering a 20% refund as compensation and a “big discount and nice gift on the next order”. They also mentioned that should I want to have my original goods sent back to them, I would have to bear another US$25 and I would have to wait longer for my original order to be sent.
4) 18 Jan 2019. I sent an email stating evidence to the scam. It reads as follow:

The modus operandi of the scam online website is obvious: Offer more than 50% of selling price on the website to entice potential victims. Upon receipt of order, they will send out low cost and light weight items pretending that the items were mistakenly sent out by the courier. When they get a response from their victims, they will ‘force’ their customers to send back the item which would incur additional costs which no one would since there is no guarantee that their order will be correctly sent back thus profiting from their scheme.