Job turned out to be a scam

Anonymous | 19 May 2022

Job Scam
On 12May 2022. I came across an online job recruitment in telegram group. I was keen thus decided to respond to it.

The recruiter claimed that that it was a freelance job and I could earn 350/ week and also earn commission daily, She explains that is to create DTA on the platform. I was skeptical at first but she assures me that the company is genius by showing proof of the registered company and address in singapore. Afterwards, i was added to a whatsapp group where there was several people inside too. I was inform to register my account at I registered my bank account in the link so as they can pay me. so i started to do the data creation where there is 40 sets of data to do. they claim that every 40 sets there will be 0-4 (special data) so i have to pay for it where the special data I can earn 5x more commission. First set was just double digit where I have to pay. Afterwards the second set of 40 , it increases to triple digit, but I still manage to get back my earnings and capital inclusive. It is where the third set where it started and price got more and more ranging from $800-28000!. They claimed that if I do not pay, I will not be able to get my capital back and they will take legal action against me. I then started to realize something is amiss. Pls everyone do not fall to such scams!! Im just a student my life savings of $X0000 was just lost like that in a few hours. It is for my university fees, really hope anti scam center and the police will be able to arrest the scammers and our money returned back to use. 

Editor's note: Scammers will pay victims the promised commission in the first few instances to get the victims' trust. However, please note that this is a trap to get victims to pay more in order to cash out more. So, please beware of unsolicited job offers especially one that's sent to you via messaging platforms or social media. Always call the hiring company directly to verify the job offer.