I lost over $5k to a Fake Friend scam

Anonymous | 19 May 2022

Impersonation Scam
I received a call from a scammer with strong Malaysian accent on 17 May 8:12pm pretending to be someone I know. the caller claimed that his handphone and wallet got stolen by the workers renovating his house and this was his new number.

His mobile number is 8896 0923. i asked him who he was and he said he was someone that talked to me often, how could i forget. instead i blurted out my colleague's name which he said he was.

Next day, still thinking he was my colleague he called for help to transfer money to his contractor because he has fired them for the stolen incident but he needed to pay them for the works already done and his bank account is not activated yet. he mentioned he would pay me back the next day once his account is activated.

Thinking he needed it urgently, I transferred 3600 to his contractor. then he requested for another 6000 because his friend mistakenly transferred to his account instead of the contractor. but i only decided to transfer 1400, saying my limit was 5000. he kept asking me to check if my limit could be changed.

So, I said i was out for lunch and will do so when i'm back in office. back in office, i suddenly thought to message my colleague on microsoft teams, and asked him about it. he said he did not call me at all, and then I realized it was all a scam!

Should have checked with my colleague before doing any transfers! i hope police can nab this scammer!