"Singapore Police" used a foreign number to contact me. It's a scam

Anonymous | 19 May 2022

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
Today morning AROUND 11:35 AM, I RECEIVED A WHATSAPP VIDEO CALL FROM +1 (347) 980-9833. the caller claimed to be from the "Singapore Police Force". The caller was wearing a mask and simply dressed in a white t-shirt and blazer. at first he showed his id card which was mentioned as Singapore police.

He started a conversation saying that my debit card has been declined as i did not update my visa particulars with the bank. he insisted me to show my visa (i don't remember what exactly he mentioned. i thought he was asking for my singapore visit pass) by switching on the back camera. i showed my visit pass (both front and back side) which i recently received. he asked me to show the atm card. I said, why do you need my atm card?

He replied that these details are not updated with my bank and he mentioned about my bank name and debit card number (i am guessing a fake). However, i have not attempted to check. then he mentioned that the bank has given a complaint to police and the caller is investigating it. he said if i don't show the card he cannot ingest my details and my account will be seized for 6 months and i may not able to withdraw. moreover, he mentioned that i will be jailed if i don't do it now.

I told him to send an email. how can i trust you? he said, see my id, i am making a video call. Then i replied that i will not share my details. i will visit my bank right now and give all the details they ask. then he replied that if you don't do it now, you will be jailed. then i told him to call after 10 mins so that I will quickly check with a customer care. he was reluctant to listen me and repeatedly mentioning me to trust him and do it asap or i will cut the call and i will come and catch you. i was bit of tensed, shocked (as i am new to singapore) but hesitated to share my bank details. the caller was not giving me time to think. i told him to give me 2 mins i will check with my seniors.

Luckily all these incidents happened in my office and i took the phone to my ro. after mentioning about these details, she immediately told me to cut the call and said that it is a scam. She share that were already these incidents being reported even in the newspapers and so don't believe them. 

i thought reporting such an incident will alert others not to fall in to such prey.