Scammers are claiming and sharing that fake job scams are legitimate

Anonymous | 19 Oct 2021

Job Scam

On 9 October, a women named josephine approached me on telegram asking if i'm interested in a home-based part-time job. She re-directed me to whatsapp to speak with her colleague Alyssa (+65 9427 8348).

Alyssa gave me an explanation on what the company does and even provided me a legitimate company website. The job scope involved taking orders to help boost the visibility of merchants on varied e-commerce platforms.

She guided me with the account registration on their website ( Initially i was skeptical about it, but after trying it with her account, i was convinced. For the first two times, i succeed in withdrawing my capital along with the promised commission. But when i did for the third time on 10 oct, things went south.

The orders requires me to constantly recharge an amount before i could continued, and the amount kept increasing. In total i recharged 8 times hopping to get my capital back. The tipping point was when the website required me to recharge another $30,000 when i have already put in $33,500. I texted the so-called customer service (+65 8010 0483) asking to replace the order with a lower amount so that i could complete the remaining 6 task to withdraw my capital. The customer service person by the name of ammar bakhtiar (acc no. 713553394001; +65 8895 6937) told me that the orders were randomised and he has no control over it. He told me not to cause any trouble and they have a legal team. If i want my money back I just have to recharge and complete the orders. It hit me that i might be a victim of a job scam given that the job responsibilities of a customer service officer was to serve at the customer best interests. I contacted alyssa to tell her about my problem. Alyssa told me that she could lend me $5,000 but for her own guaranteed, she instigated that i take a photo with my ic and a naked photo of myself. That's when i confirmed she was an accomplice.

I immediately proceed to the nearest police station to lodge a police report and called the bank to notify about the transactions. At the police station i learnt that there was victims who reported on the same scam as well and was grateful that i did not borrow any money to put it in that account.

I understand that the website had since been taken down by the Police but people in the group are still uploading photos of themselves completing the "job" and sharing articles on government efforts to help retailers in e-commerce. The group consist of 12 members and is operated by 3 admins.

Below are the details of those still convincing everyone that this is a legitimate job:

1. Alyssa (admin)
2. Venus (admin) +65 8802 3474
3. Esher (admin) +65 9427 8328
4. Michelle +65 8433 8336
5. Cammy +65 8805 1473
6. Tushar +65 8917 2781
7. Peter +65 9427 7652