Beware of job scams!

Anonymous | 20 Jul 2021

Job Scam
My boyfriend and I wanted TO GET SOME PART TIME ONLINE JOB IF POSSIBLE. due to looking after families.
the happening is when we came across the website as it has indicated the contact number in the website as what apps, we tried and message this person name Ryan.

Ryan mentioned if we were interested in affiliate marketing, we both agreed and also worried at the same time. He sent us two contacts via whatapps which is a group and a customer service. We mostly liaised with the customer service named Jennifer, as she is the one assigned the tasks to both of us.

Thereafter, Jennifer assigned tasks that are from a small sum to the highest sum. never once get lowered, in the end, the question very tricky when comes to third tasks, 2 mission to clear, it funded to the same account up till 3724.35 of our monetary losses. we are very sad and upset, we are highly demanded to return funds as we suspected it was a scam, we immediately reported it to the police within a day and awaiting for the IO to get back to us with the investigations results.