I lost over $3k to a job scam

Anonymous | 20 Jul 2021

Job Scam
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Becareful for scam call Shopee affiliate marketing from a website call clickwork.online!(Singapore)

Be careful for scam call Shopee affiliate marketing from a website call clickwork.online!

Everything looks normal and until I find get scam and money was lost!

I was trying to look for a part time job since I still want to concentrate on my study. I try to find the part time job from website and found the clickwork website. It have a whatapps to get you in touch with them.

They tell me the job mission is call Affiliate marketing for Shopee to help new seller to push the sales for community. The tasks seems easy, follow the so called job assigned and add the designated goods to shopping cart, screenshot to them, transfer the money to the merchant provided by them and very soon they bank in back the money + commission in just a minutes and encourage you to do 5 tasks to get more rewards. The first 2 mission was done smoothly, funds was transfer back with commission in just a minutes. Until the 3rd mission the traps coming in, I have been in doubt, struggling and try to call those “participants” in the so call VIP group to verify whether it’s a scam. Look back the situation, seems the participants most properly is the team from the scam group.

They show contacts in whatapps, they provide bank account. I was too good to believe if it is a scam they won’t show all these information. Now i find that even though report to police, I think it hard for the authority to charge them for scam as everything looks so normal and legal.

The feeling of frustrated and angry just can’t help with it after my money not being refunded (it is my 3 months living costs). I have been thought I am a very caution and alert person, but seriously now i am thinking in deep and ask my god what happen and why it happen to me!

I was sleepless the whole night, the feeling of pain and breathless from heart and body. The feeling of being cheated is so bad!

No matter how, the following action still need after calm down:

1. Report to police.
2. Talk to family or friend. (family member please do not scold, the victim already feel so bad and the Scam group is so smart and professional)。
3. I am still trying to deep introspect myself how could it happen to me. No free lunch in this world)
Exactly same as per below news:

“小心从网站调用 clickwork.online 的诈骗电话 Shopee 联盟营销!


他们告诉我的工作任务是为Shopee呼叫联盟营销,帮助新卖家推动社区销售。任务看起来很简单,按照所谓的工作分配并将指定的商品添加到购物车,screeshot给他们,把钱转给他们提供的商人,很快他们就在一分钟内把钱+佣金存起来,并鼓励你做5个任务来获得更多的奖励。前2个任务顺利完成,錢也很快進帳口,直到第3个任务陷阱进来了,我一直在有疑问,挣扎着尝试打电话给 VIP组中的那些“會員”,以验证它是否是一个骗局。回头看情况,似乎参与者是诈骗集团的团队。


在我的钱没有被拿走后,沮丧和愤怒的感觉无法帮助它退款(这是我 3 个月的生活费)。我一直认为我是一个非常谨慎和警觉的人,但现在我认真地思考并问我的上帝发生了什么以及为什么会发生在我身上!

2。与家人或朋友交谈。 (请家属不要骂人,受害者已经感覺很糟糕了,骗子团这么聪明和专业)。