Be wary of Fake Friend Call scams

Anonymous | 20 Nov 2023

Impersonation Scam
Received a call from a number (+65 8931 08??), claiming to be a Malaysian subcontractor I knew. After confirming his identity by mentioning a name (LAURENCE), he explained he had a new number due to losing his wallet and phone. The call abruptly ended after verifying his identity.

Later, he called again, stating he's starting a new business venture but couldn't transfer money. He requested assistance in transferring funds to his partner urgently, promising reimbursement once his "bank" was operational. Despite my initial reluctance, he provided another number (+65 9165 0589)(Daniel). Unaware it was a scam, I made a PayNow payment and sent him the screenshot.

Shortly after, he called again, claiming he was broke and needed money to survive, providing another number (+65 8926 63??)(Hariyani Lim). Suspicious, I called him back (+65 8931 08??), only to find the number was unreachable. Realizing I almost fell victim to a scam, I urge everyone to stay vigilant and safe, avoiding such scams.