Beware of fake investment schemes

Anonymous | 20 Oct 2021

Internet Love Scam Investment Scam Investment Scam

Met multiple guys on the dating platform.

Firstly, they will sweet talk to you say what you beautiful, want get together. Then after days of talking, they would introduce you a website for cryptocurrency investment, they will also screenshot some proof that they earned money. The platform introduced was something I never even seen before, hence i was v against it and ask if I could use my own platform. Then he tried to persuade me, but to no avail, hence he stopped talking to me after that. I was so against it because i got scam before by another guy. (both of them communicate in Chinese). That one was a betting website, and he say that he got some ways to earn money, so at first all the small wins, then one day he ask me sign up for a event, to earn the bonus which i did but the money never come back. Lost a total of 20k. Name: gao yu & devin.

Please be aware and don’t trust people online so easily