I lost $5k to a Loan scam

Anonymous | 20 Sep 2022

Loan Scam

I wanted to take a loan of 10,000. They posed as s.e. Investments pte ltd (they’re not from there), which is a legitimate company under the mas registered list of moneylenders. Before they could “release” the loan to me, they said i needed to pay an active account charge, and another charge, which totals to 1,500 sgd each (3,000 sgd both). After paying both charges, they took an hour to forge a document that has an mas logo, saying that the money is held by mas and i needed to pay another 3,000 sgd for the release of the loan money. That’s when i realised they were never going to offer a loan at a decent interest rate. They also approved of the loan over Whatsapp. Loans will never be approved like that.