Don't help online friends with their jobs!

Anonymous | 21 Aug 2022

Internet Love Scam Job Scam
Connected with this lady on Tinder. Immediately, she asked to connect on WhatsApp. based of her profile, she was a beautician from Malaysia.

We chatted for awhile, and she mentioned that she was required to fulfil mytheresa order per night. Out of curiosity, I have decided to help her. initially, she and her team will start to bait you with the small amount for the first order. after, you have completed the first order, you will gain small amount of monetary from it. so this is start of the trap!!!

Subsequently, the order would require higher amount until you paynow is hit to the limit and no longer able to complete the order. This is a painful mistake for me. hopefully someone is able to read this and do not make the same mistake as me.