Scammer didn't release loan to me even after I paid over $3K in deposit

Anonymous | 21 Jan 2019

Loan Scam
I wanted to get a loan to clear off some credit cards thinking that they are licensed money lender and the interest rates they offer are lower than the local banks.

Initially he asked for a "payment review". How they do that is by transferring me $500 first then 5 days later, they need me to repay them $800 and the extra $300 will be refunded together with my loan. So on the 5th day, he asked for $200, I asked him how about the rest? He said never mind. A day later he contacted me saying the "payment review" was not strong. So need another review. This kept going on for 3 times and no loan was dispersed to my account. Eventually the total amount I transferred him was $3100 and still no loan. finally when I told him I don't need the loan, he threatened that I will still need to continue paying the payment review until they are satisfied or else they will send people up to my house to collect from my family.

They have Malaysian accent when they speak.