Don't allow others to use your bank account!

Anonymous | 21 Jul 2020

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I got to know this guy because he DM me on Instagram.

We talked from march 2020 until early July.

He always talked about love and tell me that he is Korean  who was currently staying in America. He had a construction business in States.

At first, he didn't talk about money. We just talked like friends. After he knew that I trusted him, he asked me to help receive money. He told me that the money was from him Mom and asked him why she didnt send it directly to him. He told me his bank account was closed. He asked me buy bitcoin because he used that "currency" more.

When this happened too many times, I told him that I couldn't help him anymore as the funds came from different people. I blocked his number immediately.

Please be careful when making friends online. Never allow others to use your bank to receive and transfer money!