Friend I got to know online turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 21 Jun 2022

Internet Love Scam

I got to know the lady on Facebook dating. Went on to chat on WhatsApp. The scammer sent photos of her in various places in Singapore, and also video of her and friends every now and then, while talking about her day. She also told me her about her past relationships until quite late one night. Then, the next day, she was going to the hospital to check her eyes. We chatted more, and i asked to meet her which she agreed. She even suggested a restaurant in Singapore. At night, asked me to help her to contact another WhatsApp business account (Dior online customer support) to help her with some orders. Immediately I suspected something was not right. I went on to email the official dior customer service to check and got to know that the number for the whatsapp account was most likely a scammer. I immediately reported and blocked her WhatsApp account. After a day, I received an SMS from a Malaysian number (+60176810293) taunting me with some insulting messages. I ignored and blocked the number.

I suspect there is an organised group doing these catfishing to cheat money from people.

There are numerous accounts on Facebook dating using photos of the lady. Photos may not be the same, but the same lady nonetheless.

I hope everyone would be more careful when chatting with strangers online.