Beware of job scams!

Anonymous | 21 Oct 2021

Job Scam
a lady, wen ying reached out to me on telegram with the following messages.
"Hi πŸ‘‹πŸ» i am from Morgan McKinley Singapore ,We are currently offering a freelance pt job , are you interested ?"
"May i have your WhatsApp number? My manager will contact you for further details and company info ya ....then you may decide after listening"
"πŸ…±coz we have different departments now so depends on my manager what she offered you"

"Good afternoon, Do you still interested in part time job? I can pass your WhatsApp to my manager and she will send the job details and salary for you"
and without my approval or permission, she sent my information to her 'manager', who messaged me on WhatsApp. her name is Yeehui.

Yeehui's and my conversation went on got quite a while, but what she sent was similar to the scam jobs that are mentioned here.

"The job is very simple, we are helping merchants to increase the visibility of their products, we are helping the products on the Target platform to increase their visibility and review rate, the platform will give us 45 orders to complete each day to help merchants to increase their products and visibility, each day's to complete 45 orders, so the we need to sign up for an account on the work platform to work for 30 minutes to 1 hour per day, if you are interested I will explain more to you".

"For boost one order you will get $0.30-$15 So per day you may earn $90-$270 Every day you can boost 45 orders, and you can withdraw money on the platform after completing 45 orders".  She did not mention that I need to charge money at all initially, until I registered an account and realised that it was similar from the Uspeed technology ut app (which I was scammed before). then I asked her if I was required to top up money in it.

"Before the platform can start grabbing orders, a minimum of $50 top-up is required to start grabbing orders." "After you complete 45 orders for me, you will receive 25% commission of my earnings. After you get my commission, you don't need to deposit capital to start grabbing orders on the platform. Then you can earn your own income while grabbing orders!"

I knew it was a scam from the previous posts that were posted here, which I am extremely thankful for. just to let you all know, they are still actively looking for people to do these 'jobs'. after rejecting her, telling her that "I see, I’ve went through this kind of job before honestly. And was scammed $3K off it. I would definitely not put money in to do jobs anymore. I apologise for your time.", she was on guard and asked if I misunderstood the platform.

Regardless, I would not give in to it and hope everyone can benefit from my post. thank you.