Beware of fake job offers online

Anonymous | 21 Sep 2022

Job Scam
We are offering a variety of Permanent / Part-time / FreeIance jobs

-Online Airline Assistance
Rating airline to increase airlines popularity and reviews, rate various airlines and leave quality airlines for travelers from all over the world

-Age 21 and above

Aeroclass, is an online airline ticket rating system that does not require you to book a ticket. Its purpose is to help airline ratings contribute to the size of airline turnover and competitive strength in the market our job is mainly to help promote and advertise major airline reviews, we just need to create data on the online airline rating system to help increase the visibility and turnover of airlines.

This job is done from home, mainly promoting social celebrities while we get paid for them, and you can also develop your own team to join us, and your own team will need to be managed by you. Average monthly income 5000-8000sgd.