Online job requires cryptocurrency to top up account

Anonymous | 21 Sep 2022

Job Scam

Contacted me through Whatsapp, don't even know my name but say want to offer me a job, they claim to be from “Singsys, and that their main purpose is to help apps raise the star rating in the app store.

Asked me to register on a website , but all they ask me to do is just click a button 40 times and then apparently that's supposed to send in a review to the app store automatically.

Felt that this was suspicious from there on, because if the process is so automated it shouldn't need a human being to manually click, they could just make a program to automate it.

Also noticed in the website, it says "usdt" which is a cryptocurrency, and apparently every account has a certain amount of usdt, so with every 'click' you do, the amount is reduced, and once it reached too low, you have to top up with real money in order to keep clicking.
They claim you can withdraw this in the end but this is likely the same pattern of telling you to transfer them 50 dollars then they return you 100, then they ask you to repeat the process until the amount you transfer is big enough and you won't get your money back anymore.

The scammer himself says his name is allen, 27 years old, his phone number is 8196 19??.