Beware of phone scams

Anonymous | 22 Feb 2021

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
The scammer (a lady with North Indian Accent) called from +65 8659 5191 and told me that she is calling from Singtel and that my Home internet router could be been hacked by an intruder. She asked me If I was the owner of the house? I replied, "I could be."
She further pressed on and asked me to confirm my address and asked me where is my home or office located?

At this point in time, I already knew that this was a scam call as I do not use Singtel internet, so I replied, "I am just located behind your house." - hearing this, the called dropped the call promptly.

Imagine, if the scammer got through to an unsuspecting individual? The damage could have been catastrophic.

Be careful of this kind of scammer. Never provide any personal information to anyone claiming to be from any dept, orgn or company or authority.