I lost around $11K to someone I met online

Anonymous | 22 Jan 2019

Internet Love Scam
I got to know Sungho from paktor app. he claimed that he own a wine and liquor shop and has a 5-year-old daughter. 

2 weeks into our chat, he says that he is going to Sarawak for a business trip and will drop by sg to visit me. But little did I realise that my nightmare started to happen during his business trip. 

He claim that his bank blocks his account which resulted in him being unable to clear his good at the custom. Due to this, he requested me to borrow him $3000 and transfer to an account owe by hotel staff (Katherine Chang Kai Ling). He convince me by sending me a copy of his passport as a guarantee. I adhere to his instruction. For the next few days he keeps asking me for help for all sorts of reasons which include tax fee, late payment fee, taxi fee, etc. I even bought him a return ticket from Sarawak to Korea when he claims that his ticket has expired due to his business issue. In total I transferred almost US$11,000 to him. On the day of his return, he claims that the immigration officer does not allow him to board his plane due to unpaid business tax. He even request me to take up a loan for him, which I rejected. 

My good friend managed to find out that his profile picture source came from one of the Korean tv host's Instagram and prevented me from transferring more money to him. I have made a report after that. 
I urge the ladies who read this post not to follow my footsteps and beware of this person and people who you meet online.