Please do not invest blindly!

Anonymous | 22 Jul 2020

Investment Scam
There was a girl on Wechat added me on around may. We chat a little she sweet talk a bit then we are
into the topic of investment. I do a bit of investment and so i was interested about was she was talking. 

She bring me into the topic of bit coin and Crypto Currency then i was a bit interested as the stuff she said was legit. Then she say her uncle was in a bank and send me screenshot of picture and official information and then she deleted. So then I was quite interested as she had inside info on the

So i went in and follow her steps of investment. Then we added on Whatsapp for more info.

At first it was just 800 but then the website showed my coin was showing a very good growth. Due to greed i went to put in another $1000 sgd. The next month(June) another $2000 until on July 7, she started asking me to sell my stocks and invest with her. I felt a bit fishy as she is trying to force me to sell my stock where i do not want to. So in the end i did more research on the website and found out that the coin transferred in
could not be taken out. i blocked her immediately on all social media platform and communication 

All in all, I learnt a lesson but i am just insecure about my info was given to them so I make a police report for a record.