Beware of Credit-for-Sex scams

Anonymous | 22 Jul 2022

Credit-for-Sex Scam
Scammer Detail: +601137732603 on whatsapp, sg9880 on Line, @kiki6534 on twitter, and for email domain

Saw the profile on twitter, arrange to meet at 148 potong pasir via line. Girl asked for phone no. which i dont want to give at first, but she say need to call me when pick me up. Afterwards, guy calling claim is her boss, told me that they dont trust her and wants me to buy apple itunes credit or razor credit (thus the email) then he pays her later. i knew something was wrong i rejected and blocked him (and deleted no record left). he then used some other no. and call me again and threaten by saying that he knows my no. and my name. i compiled the 150 in apple card cos i am willing to pay, but he cite many many reasons for more which ULTIMATELY i deleted whatsapp. I hope this is the end of it and i wont suffer from any harassment. 

Hope this serves as a PSA for all!