Beware of impersonation phone calls claiming to be from "MOH"

Anonymous | 22 Oct 2021

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
The call came in and it was an automatic voixe message telling me there was an urgent message by ministry of health , as i was serving my stay home notice this sounded legitimate. i should have been suspicious when there was only one option to press- it told me that if i had been vaccinated please press 3. which i did, then the line rang for a while and a person responded in chinese saying “喂?” i knew from experience this is a scam already, the early options were all in English why would someone respond to my call in chinese? i deliberately replied in English - hello??! then the guy quickly hang up. I have had several of such calls over many years and they always follow the same pattern to impersonate a government or official body, like ica/ police/ dbs bank / singtel/ dhl etc. and this time they use MOH due to the current climate of covid.

Please be wary of such calls !