Beware of job scams!

Anonymous | 22 Oct 2021

Job Scam
I was contacted on Telegram by a user named Wendy with a "flexible part-time job" offer that claims to pay $180-$220 daily. Although I was not seriously nor actively seeking a job, I asked about the job description, and the party replied that she will assign a colleague to get in touch with me on WhatsApp (since she already has my number). Soon after, I received a message from +65 8105 4717 who goes by the name of May.

Quoting her, the job is as follows:

"What we want to do is boost mission, boost mission of helping the product to on CleverTap have good data to increase popularity of that product so more people purchase it etc, Do you need to know about it?"

"For boost one mission you will get $0.52-$8.52. So perday you may earn $80-120.Every day you can boost 40 missions, and you can withdraw money on the platform after completing 40 missions"
"this is the registration link of the platform for the job (note: Scam website. Do NOT click) Invitation code D4JGF3"

"This is my WhatsApp group, they all my agents and you can join and chat or if Im busy you can ask them"
"Now I will use your invitation code to register an account and then you can login to my account to learn the operation and process first"
"And you help my account boost mission you can also earn 20% commission"

I was skeptical from the start, but registered an account on the CleverTap platform nonetheless just to take a look, and noticed that the platform requires "recharge" amounts before one is able to start 'boosting' any 'mission'. It was clear that this is a scam similar to others shared on this platform, and i backed out immediately. I had not lost any money nor personal information beyond my contact number, but would like to share this experience and the party's contact number before others fall for this scam, especially since people may be desperate to find a job this period.