Don't be fooled by your online friends

Anonymous | 22 Oct 2022

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Don't learn from me. If your online date ask for money, you must know it is never a good thing, there are options like a license moneylender or a bank, they can lend them money or if they ask you want to earn good money with commission through online it is alway a scam, no official business will ever do trading online using internet banking. The scammer can also use a business number to do scams, so it make them look legit. This is what i learn after getting scam half way. The scammer have many banking accounts to spare so they will not get flag out, they don't use posb/dbs as the bank will flag out accounts that are reported as scam. They are alway trying to help you, listen to them.

The rule is very simple for everyone to follow:

1) if they claim they are from a company look up the company and ask/message them is there such a thing. There is no harm in asking, asking is free.

2) you can alway questions the people you are dealing with by asking more details of the things that you are required to do, they will explain it but never in full details so just ask them, if they got triggered by what you ask them you must know this is a red-flagged, stop what you are doing.

3) you can make friend with people online by as long as it involves money stay away from them, it is not worth to throw your money to people like them.

4) if you think you are half way into the scam immediately either export all the messages from the chat to save as evidence or screen record the chat. You will need it when you do police report. Evidence is very important for investigation.

5) do not panic, as panicking will not get your money back try to make excuse to ask them to return if they are kind enough to do so.