Beware of fake buyers on Carousell

Anonymous | 23 Aug 2022

Online Purchase Scam
Mr Lin placed an matching offer of a handbag i put on carousell, same day i put on sell on 22 aug.. in the morning of 23 aug we started discussing, he asked for my whatsapp number then moved the conversation to Whatsapp. he said he wanted the bag as a gift for his wife, i asked if it was for a special occasion, he said yes but he didnt say what kind. he said he was working in Vietnam, i asked him which city in Vietnam, he didnt reply. the WhatsApp number he used had a Vietnam country code (+84 92 510 2689). he asked for my full name, bank account no., bank name & email address. he said bank will email me instructions before funds to be deposited. i received an email from <>, telling me to pay HK$900 in bitcoin as 'reflection fee' before the money to be deposited. at that time i started looking up the internet if JP MOrgan was processing wire transfer with bitcoin reflection fee, and i notice in the JP email that there was a typo with my name for the bank transfer. I told Mr Lin, he ignored it. i told him the whole thing was unheard of, i didn't know anything about bitcoin and i didn't know how to do it. he sent me instructions about creating an account in '' and told me he will guide me creating the account. i told him i didnt like all these, i was not doing it, he kept saying it was ok if you want to learn, i told him his money would never reach me because of 1. i didnt pay bitcoin, 2. my name in the transfer instruction was wrong, if his money was locked somewhere in the cyber space, i was sure he could sort it out with JP Morgan. i blocked his no. and when I got to Carousell, it had a message said the user was banned. I blocked him and disregard, he Whatsapped me about 5mins later with a different number, country code +915 905 6484 (from Nigeria??) i called my local bank account manager immediately told him what I stupid thing i did, he assured me that as long as i didnt release my banking passwords, my risk was rather low. but anyway, I transferred the money out from that account just to be safe, some unpleasant experience from a Carousell beginner.