I was cheated by my online friend

Anonymous | 23 Dec 2021

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I meet this guy via CMB APP addressed himself as join ( 李志辉) from hk but have been in SG for about 6 years, having a job in AMK link.

After we are matched via the apps he approached me and asked to chat in WhatsApp so we chatted and do WhatsApp calls for 2 weeks. He is very nice in his text (in Chinese) and calls show concern, texted me every day to night, and we shared story as a child till current. It seems we have common interests (things go well) but he started confess of 'like' and we had not meet each other, I started to feel the red lights, was avoiding then he started to do sweet stuffs like planning itinerary for us, making promises and commitment for future (to all out there don't fall for it).

He has also trying to persuade me to invest with him to build good foundation as he plans to retired 7 years down the road. (2nd red lights) we have conflict and debated on this 3x till I told him I am not interested in investment if you feel this is important to you and I am not going to be in line with you, you can decide on this 'friendship' (my purpose is to see his reaction), expectedly he feel we should put a stop since we are not giving in to each other. But weird he can still texted me after a week of not contacting.

Just to share although I did not lose any monetary, but I lose trust in dating app. So guys and girls out there pls be caution! I am not sure if he is a real scam but is a lesson for me.