Scam prevented with a quick chat with my hubby

Anonymous | 23 Jan 2019

Impersonation Scam
I got a call from a person as ICA officer stating that i didnt provide ALIEN identification No and my country asked to deport me. I am under Dp and newbie to Singapore, I told him to check with my husband. But he THREATENED me to switch off wifi and hotspot. He also told me not to contact anyone for 30 minutes, else POLICE may come in and arrest you. He got my personal information like contact address in Singapore and native place, MY IC, Passport number. He was very rude, and after getting that information he transferred the call to another person. he explained about 3 forms and asked me to pay S$1500 IMMEDIATELY. I said I don't have money and I need to ask my husband. He also got my husband number and told me he will connect in a conference call, but he also warned me not reveal the whereabouts of the call to my husband. I messaged my husband via another number and told regarding the above instance. It was then I relived that it is a scam. Then I told him that I will check on the matter and hung up the phone. 

The guys spoke in English with an Indian accent.