I fell prey to a Loan scam

Anonymous | 23 Jul 2022

Loan Scam
I chanced upon an advertisement on facebook regarding about a personal loan. I provided my personal particulars (contact , name and email).

A day later a fella named Roy claimed that he was from "icredit" company contacted me via WhatsApp text and asked if I was looking for any personal loan. I said yes and he proceeded to ask me to pay for $500 as a "loan insurance" for personal accidents,death etc etc. He even mentioned "if any of above situation, this insurance will cover 100% of your payment thru out your loan period" . Since it was my first time taking loan, I agreed . proceeded to pay $500 for this 4K loan sum. Awhile later he told me he accidentally extended my loan to 8K and I am required to pay another $500. So thinking i could get 8K, i borrowed money from my friend and I transferred money over. So I transferred 1000 on the same day. The next morning, he texted me that he needed another 500 as he said that I transferred to the wrong acc. I needed to transfer another 500. So i borrowed another 500 from my friend and transferred to him to another acc. How I discovered that this was a scam because they asked me for another $500 as this one a one time policy thing since previously I transferred wrong and stuff like that. They said If I transferred another $500, they will stop asking and give me back my full 8000+1500 i have transferred. When asked if this was a scam, he said he wouldn't scam and said that if he want to scam he would have scam at least 5000 why bother with 500....