Don't fall prey to phone impersonation scams!

Anonymous | 23 Oct 2020

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
I received a phone call from a lady with what sounded like a foreign (south asian) accent. she said that she was from "singtel" and wanted to do a check on a recent test that they had done to my internet because the line was recently cut. i was mildly convinced at that time because we did have trouble with our internet recently, with weak internet strength. she asked me to check on how many lights are present on the router. i said 3. then she asked me to test the speed of my internet by typing in "test internet speed" on google. she asked if there were differences in upload and download speed - i said there was. she then went on to say that it is the result of the singtel troubleshoot test and they have already resolved the issue. she then asked me to type in "my ip" on google and report whether it says "public" or "private" under it. at this time, i grew suspicious and asked her why she needed to know details about my ip. she said she just wanted to know whether it was "private" or "public". I decided this could be a "foot-in-the-door" tactic and that revealing any information about my ip could be potentially harmeful, SO I ENDED THE CALL.