I was asked to pay different fees to secure my loan!

Anonymous | 23 Sep 2020

Loan Scam
A Whatsapp message advertising loans with loan interest rates was sent to me. I messaged the person named "Ben". He asked me to send my work permit front and back after that he sent me the agreement and asked me to pay $250 for registration fee for the

After I paid, he sent me the contract and asked me to sign by whatsapp.

After i signed, he asked me to pay $200 for the holding fee he said I needed to pay before 5pm but i didn't make it to pay.

The next morning he message me that i need to pay $200 so that he can process my loan already after i pay he said i need to pay another $200 because the holding fee was expired already after I paid he ask me again to pay $200 for the workers pay because the money is ready to be disbursed to me and after that, he asked again another $200 for the contract renewal. I got frustrated and stopped paying. He then messaged me to tell me that I need to pay $450 to cancel the loan.