Beware of scammers online

Anonymous | 24 Dec 2021

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He added me randomly on Instagram and started chatting. Every day, he will ask about your well being and sing praises of you. Then he asked to switch to WhatsApp chat. He will initiate to tell you he is busy because he was on the line and what he is chatting about with his friends. Then he recommended this investment platform by Charles Schwab giving the url  (Note: Do not click) to set up account and start investment. Initially he asked to invest 500 usd, and the customer service provided the account number of an individual at ocbc bank. Money was successfully withdrawn with a $50 profit. Subsequently he asked to invest 5000 usd which the exchange rate used by the platform is 1.5. The second round of investment he proposed buying "0" at 100 which after a few rounds the number came out. The second day, withdrawal was not possible as the platform requires 30% of top up to prove you are not an illegal investor. 30% of 14,400 (gain for buying num 0) which is another 6.5k sgd.

I threatened to report to police and the website is now inaccessible.