"Friend" who contacted me on social media turned out to be a scammer

Nurul Sabirah Haron | 24 Sep 2020

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
RECEIVED a friend request from my senior from SCHOOL. I have followed her, but i thought she possibly could have created a new account. Once accepted, I received a private message from the account asking for my phone number. I did not think much of it and just gave it and asked if she had changed phone, she gave me a 'like' on the answer without actually saying yes.

The next moment she sends a 'Shopee 7th Year Special Campaign' and asked me to send her all the otps i receive. I kept receiving multiple otps so kinda gave them to 'her' without realizing i was getting charged. When i did not give 'her' the otp within 2 minutes, 'she' KEpt calling my phone through instagram video call. I picked up the call once but showed the ceiling instead, 'her' video call was blurred and immediately 'she' hangup after a few SECONDS and 'she' would rudely demands for the code by JUST texting 'code?'

The moment i realized it was a scam when 'she' sent me a picture of Shopee stating i have won S$950 for VOTING and requires me to give her my credit card details so money can be transferred. At that point i just ended the CONVERSATION. When i checked my grab app, i realised $110 been paid to Razor Gold. Immediately called and cut off my bank, made a police report and emailed grab at their Help Centre.