Online friend turned out to be a scammer

Anonymous | 25 Aug 2023

Job Scam
I was contacted by a girl named Jiayi from Malacca on Facebook, who claimed to love me. I never saw her or heard her voice. On the third day, she asked for help with her side job, marketing for Cartier.

The steps were simple:

    Contact Cartier at +65 8175 8641.
    Take a screenshot and send it.
    Make payment only through PayNow.
    Receive commission and a refund.
    Send proof.

The first time, I paid $108 and received $124. When I asked for proof of her contract, she refused and then ghosted me. It wasted my time seeking a partner, but I still earned from the scammer at least. :P

I fact-checked with Cartier's official website afterward to avoid falling prey. Always double-check!