I got cheated by an online friend

Anonymous | 25 Dec 2021

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This guy come to add me on Instagram. He act super friendly and introduce himself from China Wuhan but currently work in Hong Kong. Then he asked for my whatsapp to continue chat to know each other well. One day after, he said that he found the right life partner that is me. And would like to have future with me.

Every morning noon night, he keep on text me to find out how am I. To make me feel like he is good and trusted guy. Then he ask me about the view of investment .I said I didn't know more abt investment. Then he introduced me to chinese platform http://CArU.duanurl.xyz/IVfpzKz? (Note: Scam website. Do not click)

Saying that he willing to guide me and earn some gift bonus for me. He asked me to deposit small amount of money to learn first. He teach me step by step. Then i got the gift money plus winning amount about 140 dollar and it was deposited full amt into my bank account next day.

Then he start to persuade me to put in more money to up the level to earn more. So i put 4k then 6k then 10k. I said i dont have so much money. Then he suddenly told me that gift money promotion going to due soon. Asked me to load more if can. Still not giving up to persuade me. I feel so weird on his reaction already and so annoying on him. However to gain my trust, he load extra 30k into the platform under my account saying that want help me to earn more. He said this is last chance to grab the gift money.

I really feel uneasy and wish to get back my money already. But too late, the account was frozen when i wish to withdraw all the money out. I was like shit man. Need to load in another 50k within 3 days to unfreeze my account to get back all the money. Then he told me that his account was frozen too.

Then he show me his account have so much money stuck inside. He asked me to rescue him to load money into his account after i get back all my money. He broke.
But i really do not have much money. He said he will going to help me to borrow from his friends and sister.

I really thought can just put in the rest of money and get back all the money. Also can rescue this guy money. What the innocent thought! So i pump in. Then, the system prompt out bank info incorrect. Need to load another 30k. Then only realised I fell into trap. I told the guy it is trap, but he keep blaming me that is my fault to maintain wrong bank info. The suspicious things is the bank info previously maintained disappear. I told the guy I not going to top up anymore money.

Blocked this number immediately. SCAMMER!