I fell prey to a job scam

Anonymous | 25 Feb 2022

Job Scam

I was contacted by this person on Telegram asking if i was interested in a job and asked if it was ok if her client contact me directly through WhatsApp.

This person called Shi Hui 88996423 contacted me and told me abt the job. She told me she was from Moni pte ltd” and they needed people to help her submit order to boost the client website. At first i used her account and submit the order and when I faced a recharge "boost" item she would top up her account and at the end of 30 orders she would receive 5% commission. She also added me to this WhatsApp group where there was two new guy added in too ong (89125956) and Bernard (80116594) where they also successfully withdrew the amount. During recharge, I was asked to contact their Moni cs (89100620).

The first day I gotten my recharge amount and the commission back but on the 2nd day. The recharge amount gotten larger and eventually I realised I got scammed.

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