Scammer wanted to send me very expensive gifts!

Anonymous | 25 Jan 2019

Internet Love Scam
I met this guy name Fred Cheung in Tantan app. I have already reported him in the app. Chatted with him for like a day and asked for my number for whatsapp. He looked like a gentleman and DECENT. Pictures of him did not look fake at all. He claimed to be an American-born Chinese living in California. We messaged every day, and he was caring, sweet and sincere. And I thought it might be a good guy. Talking for about a week and he said he had this contract which he had been pursuing for a long time and was asked to go for an interview the next day. And asked to wish and pray FOR HIM and would give me a surprise if he got his contract. Next day, he said that he had been awarded for the contract and he was very happy and did shopping for himself and things he needed for the contract and also took the opportunity to shop for me and would send me before he went for his contract work for 2months offshore. He asked for my full name and address. I did give him my name but not in full and address. He then later send me the link of the COURIER and tracking id to CHECK. I go in the link and check the status. Only showed his name and number with no ADDRESS and with my name and address. He then sent me the pictures of the gifts AND i was shocked. He said that he bought a hp laptop, iPhone x, Samsung galaxy, Scottish hang bag, ladies gold wristlet watch, pieces of jewellery necklace and mention all the jewellery are GOLD. I rejected him and asked to cancel the shipment and he said it was his way of showing his appreciation to me. He did this because he cared and loved me so much. At first, I believed him but after cooling down and doing a bit of research, I found that this courier company is a fraud, and also found many similar cases of love scams. He then sent me a picture of bundles of cash. And said that I could take the money to HELP needy people and the rest is for me and my FAMILY and also mention to meet after his contract. After that, I cut off all contact and blocked him.

COURIER: demont courier
HTTP:// (fake courier company)

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