Beware of loan scams

Anonymous | 25 Jul 2022

Loan Scam
Recieved a call mentioning that i enquired a loan before, was in a meeting hence i ask them to send me details to my email instead. then i was contacted via whatsapp. i asked for their uen(201828743E) and checked online that it was legit. so when he asked for my details to check my eligibility, i provided him my nric, payslip and 2 close contact numbers. then he said i am eligible but will need to do a trial loan where he will transfer me $500, but i need to transfer back $800. if i am unable to, he will put the $300 in the loan i enquired to take ($1000+$300). i said i dont understand, please send me a agreement for me to read the terms before confirming anything. few moments later, i received a transfer of $500 in my bank, they gotten my bank account details from my payslip and ask me to confirm the transfer. feeling really uneasy as i didnt confirm anything, i called the UEN company hotline to check, and the admin lady replied that i have encountered a scam as all loans have to be process in the office only. Knowing that i told the guy i would like to cancel, and now become i have to pay a cancellation fee. i made a police report and also informed the bank. At the moment they are threatening to come and chop me and they had put an order on my name to look for me. it is very stressful as police cant help much until they actually come knocking on the door…

The bank will take 30-45days to do their investigations.