Beware of Internet Love scams!

Anonymous | 25 Nov 2020

Internet Love Scam
i just wanted to share with all the ladies out there who are on online dating, in order to stop scam and stop losing your money as well as your emotional wellbeing.

I was matched with this guy in cmb (coffee meets bagel). he asked to move chat to whatsapp, but i asked for telegram instead so he won't know my number. he claimed to be a korean, lives in florida. his father died when he was young and mother is living in busan with relative. he would text every morning and evening. he is gemologist, who deals with different kind of precious stone and he said his life is comfortable. there are already a lot of red flags here. i asked him why he put his location as singapore when he is physically not here, he said because he likes singaporean. i confronted him, why would he dates someone thousands miles away and being so concern about me (always asked about my wellbeing in chat) when we haven't even met in person. he said distance is not a problem, we can know each other through chat as you will never know where your soulmate is. i already knew he is a scammer, i just want to waste his time and teach him a lesson. nothing is lost here and i also checked in cmb, he has been flagged by cmb and no longer there, but this kind of people can just create more and more fake profiles online. please ladies, stop chatting with someone you know from online and only wants to date virtually, you should only date someone who can meet you in person.