Conversation with scammer who pretended to be a Lazada staff

Anonymous | 25 Nov 2021

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
1. Received a call from a person

Scammer (s): Speaking from lazada customer support. we detected a fraudulent transaction last night in your account.
Me: Okay

S: there is a high value transaction. i want to confirm if it was you
Me: No

S: our credit card team detected the fraud. i need to verify your identity to revert the transaction.
ME: Yes please do that

S: I need to verify your ID. You will receive an email with a code. please share the code with me before I revert it.
Me: I cannot see any transaction in my account. sorry I cannot share the code.

S: if you dont share the code then transaction will be marked valid and you will be asked to pay money.
ME: Okay. let me call lazada customer support again to verify that you are not a scammer.

S: if you dont trust me, let me send the same code again
me: no need. why dont you tell me address from your records to prove that you are from lazada.

S: SIR, I am asking you to verify your identity.
ME: And, I am asking you to prove that you are from lazada.

S: Ok, if you are not listening, i am going to approve the transaction.
ME: go ahead. I will dispute it later.

(Call Disconnected)