Scammer gave up when they couldn't fool me!

Anonymous | 25 Sep 2020

Phishing Scam Impersonation Scam
I had received a call from (+0092882468656) first a lady who said that they are from Singtel and they claimed that a few days earlier my router was used by unauthorized peoples and that's why they want me to help to removed the foreigners from my router. Actually, "the fact is I don't have a router from Singtel". I continued to speak with them and asked their name and contact numbers. They repeatedly said they are from Singtel HQ. Then I ask them whats my name and FIN number. They said they can't provide it's because of confidentiality. I said its confidential for others not for me. Just tell me my name. Then I know they are from a scammer. But without laughing I continued to talk to them to understand their expectation and what they wanted from me.

They asked me to open my computer then asked me Is it my own or company laptop. I replied to them its mine. Then they ask me to press the Windows+R button. then ask me to type something. then they ask me what I see my screen and how many IP numbers are connected. I said 5. (But I never did anything) Then the lady explained me and said that see your internet so many people are using without your permission. So she pass the phone line to another higher officer. Now one gentleman who he asks me the same questions again and this time round he asks me to press the Windos+R button then type then they ask me to tell them what I saw my screen. I said some numbers 12455 bla bla. they ask me to repeat again I said 445445 bla bla. Then I ask them to tell me what they saw their screen. The conversation went on around 10.12 minutes. When they realised that they couldn't fool me,  they gave up and disconnected the call.